Are the railing systems today the same as how they were in the past? Definitely not! You will be delighted to know that improvements has been made with the almost always dull feature of old railings to your home. It still remains that railing provides support, however, it has gotten an upgrade on their designs. Adding railing systems now means adding luxury and value to your own home!

What are some popular types of railing?

Railing are available in different types and forms. They differ on the materials used, the design, the color and texture.

Here are some of the most popular types.

Staircase Railing

a staircase railing functions as a hand support for people using the stairs. Often, they give a visual presence and make it a work of art. This kind of railing is the most common one found in a house. It can be made of wood, wrought iron or stainless steel, but the most popular choice these days is the glass railing.



Glass Rails

As it’s name suggests, glass railing systems like Invisirail is quite possibly the most modern and state of the art railing there is out there. It is also an excellent way to take full advantage of your view specially if it is used on a balcony or deck. With tons of advantages over other kinds of railing systems, glass railings have become the top choice of discerning homeowners and designers.

Not only does a glass railing system upgrade the value of your deck, it also provides safety, privacy and protection. Because upscale glass railings like Invisirail use tempered glass, you are assured that your railing is durable even after many years of use.

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Cable  Railing

Cable railing is also widely known as rope railings. It is most often used when one wants an unobstructed view. It is considered a favorite because of it is the easiest to maintain and also the cheapest in value.

What are the benefits of using glass railings?

Homeowners spend a lot of money when it comes to installing railings so it is necessary to choose the right type of railing that works the best. Glass rails is preferred the most these days because of the look and the function.

Stylish Design

Glass rails, when kept clean at all times can be aesthetically pleasing. The simple and modern design that it brings to any home makes it an elegant and stylish addition to a space.


Due to its transparency, it allows for an unobstructed view. This works perfectly if done on a deck where a view of mountains, trees or even skyscrapers!


Glass is a good windbreaker which is often the reason why people living on lakes choose this. It  is resistant to harsh weather.

Sturdiness And Safety

A normal misconception about glass is that it is easy to shatter and break. This is not the case. Glass is strong and safe as long as it is assembled right.

Family Friendly

Glass rails don’t have any spaces in-between which makes it perfect for families with pets or young children. Kids can still see out without the chances of getting stuck between panels.


Choosing The Right Railing System For Your Home

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate system for your home, always try to factor in the following: Is it something that fits my budget? Is it durable? Is it strong enough to withstand all elements? Will it help improve the overall look of my house? There are a wide variety to choose from so pick wisely!