Nowadays, you may have encountered clear glass railings more frequently, as laws on poolside precaution have been more strictly implemented.  Further still, clear glass fixtures have become more noticeable as part of modern architecture in the metro. However, the clear-glass effect can be ruined by environmental elements during the rainy season, and cleaning the clear glass surface might be quite a challenge.

Here are the basic know-how about clear glass railings in general, to help you out:

Physical Properties

Clear glass railings are often built through sections of sheet glass, with a base support of either concrete or wood. Vertical braces bind these sheet glass panels from bottom to top, while in some cases, the sheet glass panels are tied together through stainless steel brackets so tiny that they are almost invisible.woodPosts

Glass railing systems like the top-rated Invisirail allow unobstructed views as they come without any balustrade. Measuring at about 12 by 12 inches with 4-6 inches thickness, most glass blocks allow light to pass through while at the same time providing privacy.

Being made of glass, however, glass railing systems are susceptible to raindrop marks, splatters, bird droppings and other kinds of dirt.

Cleaning–How the Pros Do It

In order to remove grease brought about by bird droppings, debris and outdoor activities, you have to prepare a quart of warm water and dilute liquid dish soap, about 3-4 squirts of it, in the water.

Next, sponge the diluted liquid dish soap into the glass railing surface, after which you have to wash off the railing completely and rinse it off with water either from a hose or a bucket.


Leave the railings to dry off and wipe off any remaining marks with a clean piece of cloth. An old alternative, white vinegar, can also be used in cleaning glass railings. You can use it for glass stains such as accumulated dirt and dust—just prepare a solution of vinegar and warm water in 1:2 cups ratio.

With the use of a nonabrasive plastic scrubber, apply the vinegar solution to the glass railing surface and rise it off with warm water, leaving it to dry afterwards.


Keeping the glass railings clean for as long as possible can be done by whisking away water through a shower squeegee. Doing so helps lengthen the period between your regular cleanings of the railings.

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Take advantage of the rains by wiping the glass railings with old shirts or clean cloth after each rainfall. It would also help if you coat the glass surface with lemon oil to prevent the formation of water spots.

Brackets and Supports

It is also important to have a monthly examination of the glass railings’ brackets and supports, trying to spot for loose spots or possible corrosions. In the case of glass railings attached to wood, you have to check on the footings whether they are being destroyed by mold or termites or about to rot. Regular inspection and gentle shaking of the glass railings can also give you an idea if there is a need to call for installation repair.

Final Thoughts

Of all the types of deck and home railings, glass rail systems are the easiest to maintain. Even with just regular soap and water, or a squeegee, you can clean the glass panels within minutes. Because they are made of tempered glass,  you can expect to enjoy unobstructed views for many, many years to come.