As a deck owner, you will already be familiar with the experience of spending sunny days and cool nights with your family and friends in the outdoors. It provides you the relaxation you need after a hard day’s work or the entertainment for your neighbors and guests. However, your deck will always be at the mercy of the elements. It will soon wear down because of the effects of moisture, mildew, grime, dirt, insects and even the UV rays from the sun. When ignored, your deck may be damaged beyond repair.

Sooner or later, you will need to perform inspections, repairs or maintenance on your deck. Since doing this routine will prime your deck for potential upgrades, you can start projects as soon as your cleaning task is completed. This article will guide you on upgrading your deck and show you the benefits of an improved deck. Plus, it will tell you about the current rates in the market for deck materials and for decking contractors.

 Wait, Should You Really Upgrade To A Glass Railing System

One of the simplest but best upgrades for any deck is the installation of a glass railing system. With basic carpentry experience, you can do this project yourself, saving you on costs. If you plan to start a DIY glass railing project, then your first step is to locate the right materials for your desired improvement. 

When you choose the materials, pay attention to the kind of glass you are purchasing. For a deck improvement project, safety-tempered glass is preferred. This is because this type of glass is meant to be resistant to pressure from winds, moisture and contact. Plus, if the glass breaks, the fragments will not be sharp and dangerous.

If you are hesitant to do the upgrade on your own, experts recommend choosing decking professionals to the work for you. When choosing, make sure that aside from the best rate, the contractor should have the proper licenses and insurance. Hire professionals such as the guys from Invisirail, who are known for their experience and promptness. To make the final decision, ask them for their experience in installing glass railings.


This upgrade project will have varying costs, dependent on the characteristics of your desk. The complexity of the design and the size and shape of your deck will affect the cost of this improvement.

For example, more experienced contractors are needed for decks that are curved. Thus, it may cost more. Plus, if there is already an existing railing system that need to be removed or only a portion that needs to be replaced, then these factors will also affect the cost. Be as exhaustive with your definition of the project scope to your contractors. With enough details, your contractors can give you the most accurate estimate for the project.

With the proper materials purchased and the professionals hired, you are ready to discover the potential of a glass railing system. In the next section, the four benefits of the system will be discussed.

 Unobstructed Views

The most obvious effect is the seamless view that your glass railings will provide. Even within the confines of your deck, you can witness the outdoor life that may have been the original purpose of your deck. While your standard wooden rails may obstruct your view while looking after your children in the yard or prevent you from seeing nature at its finest, the glass railing will solve these problems. Your deck will be significantly improved both functionally and aesthetically.


Without railings, you run the risk of someone falling off the ledge and getting injured. Without insurance to cover this type of accidents, you may open yourself to legal disputes and fines. Protect yourself and your finances by investing in these railings. On a more practical note, wooden railings are notorious for splintering and with the glass version you can completely avoid them.



Especially nearing the winter season or windy days, cold air may mean discomfort and discourage you from using your deck. With glass railings, you can protect yourself from these gusts and enjoy your deck in any weather.

Fast Installation And Affordable

Among the many upgrades that you can make for your deck, glass railings are one of the most affordable and fastest to complete. Only few quantities of material are needed and if you find a good glass dealer like Invisirail, you can even buy in wholesale price. Since you may only need to replace select portions of the system, you can further trim down the costs.

If you hire a professional, they can finish the installation of the entire system within one or two days. This means that you can have your deck back in service in almost no time at all.


Final Thoughts

Installing brand new glass railing systems is one of the best upgrades for your existing desk. Aside from allowing you to gaze to the beauty of nature, you are also made safe from the elements and potential injuries. With these ideas of the benefits of the glass railings and the guide to find the right materials and the right professionals, you will soon find yourself with an upgraded appreciation for your deck!