Building a deck or an outside patio may or may not necessarily have railings on them.  For some people, railings may be inconsequential but if your deck is going to be built (or is already built) a little high off the ground, it is sound advice to put some kind of protection against the risk of anyone falling over the edge.

In many places, deck railings are also required by the local building authorities.

It is good to know that the choice of material for your deck railings is no longer limited to only two, wood and metal.  Deck railings are now also available in glass which is definitely a great choice if you want to have an unhindered view of the landscape around you or if you simply just want to enhance your house.

There are also a lot to choose from in terms of design and durability. But what are the things that should be considered?

Do Not Let Reputation Mislead You

Glass deck railings were reputed to cost a lost, do not come cheap, very difficult to install and certainly not DIY friendly.  All these remarks have been thrown loosely without any validation.  Admittedly though, older glass railings required a call to a professional installer who used fancy fasteners to secure the balusters into place.

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Fortunately for us, glass deck railings have come a long way since then; they have greatly improved and are now more accessible than ever, especially with Invisirail, a top brand that offers high quality glass deck railings that exude a special style and an air of class.

Also, they are certainly the better alternative to the more common glass panels which restrict the airflow.

Maintenance & Durability

Now we come to the questions.  How durable are they?  What is required to maintain glass railings?  A lot of people unfamiliar with deck railings made of glass will naturally be skeptical.  Will they break?  Yes, glass deck railings can break when dealt with an especially strong and direct blow, however, because they are from tempered glass, they do not break easily.

Think of these glass railings the same way as you would your house’s or your car’s windows.  They are exposed to the natural elements everyday but it takes great force to break them.  In fact, glass deck railings are made to withstand 350 pounds without breaking.

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Keep in mind that the material used in this particular deck railing is not the same as those of your regular glass fixtures and furnishings.  Normal activity will not damage them.  These glass railings stand to be more durable because they will not rot, splinter, rust or show its age.  The only maintenance needed is the occasional wipe down with glass cleaner although screws need to be checked once in a while to make sure the whole thing is secure.

Cost of Glass Deck Railings

When ordering your glass deck railings, you will find that they come in several lengths. 

Think of all the sanding, painting and cleaning you will not have to do in the next years (or until you decide to change railings again).  You will also need to buy the posts and rails where balusters will be mounted on.

Finishing Touches

One of the best things about a glass deck railing is that it goes great with all kinds of look and style, from traditional to contemporary to modern.  There are also wood and metal accents available like decorative post caps should you decide to make add a little oomph to your railings.

If you want to maximize the full potential of your glass deck railings and make the most out of your view, you should also use Invisiposts, the most unobstructed posts in the market today.

All these are offered in a variety of materials, shapes, and designs including lighted ones to add a warm glow to your deck. The possibilities are endless because with glass balusters, just about anything goes.  Your deck will be secure and your view will be clear, making glass deck railings the best and most unique.