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Bring your indoor or outdoor space to life with the help of the InvisiRail™ blog. Here you’ll find everything from decorating advice and customizing your InvisiRail™ system to outdoor entertaining and making unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

A “Clear” Discussion on Shower Glass!

Glass Shower doors are an effective way to revitalize and update your bathroom space. Compared to a typical shower curtain, glass doors can expand your space and give your shower a modern and sheek design.
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Winter Planning

Winter is time to plan for your projects, and arrange your materials. It’s such a great feeling to put the mower, rakes, trimmer, pruners, and shovels away in the shed. A well-deserved break from numerous outdoor jobs, and your lengthy to do lists. Canada is great for many reasons but giving us a well-deserved break from the yard work is certainly on the list!
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Spigots & 12mm Custom Glass

If you are looking to immerse yourself in nature, a railing without posts is a great look. With spigot style posts that are 9” tall, the view is almost uninterrupted. InvisiRail’s ability to customize 12mm thick glass panels, in concert with our spigot system, allows the customer to expand their view.
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So Many Railing Options! How Do You Decide?

When it comes to railings, there is never a shortage of options. It is extremely easy to get confused during the process of choosing the right rail for your project. However, this can be made easier by narrowing down your choices in the beginning.
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A Visit from Peter Bethlenfavly, MPP

We were recently honoured to have Minister Bethlenfavly, MPP of Pickering/Uxbridge, tour our InvisiRail™ glass manufacturing plant and Liv Building Products distribution warehouse in Uxbridge.
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Glass Railing Care Tips: How to Clean Your Glass Railing

You’ve just installed your beautiful glass railing system, now what? Glass railings are a fantastic option to enhance your outdoor and indoor spaces...
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Keeping Yourself & Your Employees Safe

As our society and our economy slowly begin to recover from COVID-19, businesses and workplaces across Ontario will slowly begin to re-open.
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Why Your Glass Railing Should Be Heat Soaked

Why Your Glass Railing Should
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Spending time together with teens

How To Get Your Teenager To The Cottage

The cottage is the perfect place for a family getaway, but do you feel like you have to force your teenage to join you?
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Looking at the Evolution of the Rail

A balcony is an integral part of a building's façade so its design is crucial to the property's architecture...
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5 Custom Glass Railing Modifications

Here at InvisiRail™, we are all about doing everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with your completed railing...
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Benefits of Standard-Sized Glass Panels

Working with glass railing is different than traditional wood or aluminum systems. While there are many wood and aluminum...
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3 Ways to Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Three ways to get ready
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The Value of Stainless Steel Railings

Why Stainless Steel Glass Railing
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The Hidden Benefits of Glass Railing Systems

The Hidden Benefits of Glass
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