Families and friends coming together for some drinks, barbecue or potluck afternoons in the backyard or the patio is always an exciting thing to look forward to especially during the summer. While we like our naturally cool climate in the states, the warm sun is a welcome change to the chilly weather that we experience the rest of the year.

Before summer finally settles in, have you checked your porch to see if its ready for hosting parties and get-togethers? Most likely they are in need of dusting and revamp to match the bright sunrays that we will bathe in during the hot season.

To make it easy for you, we volunteered to enlist the quick ways to enhance your backyard.

Install Glass Railing 

A glass railing system is the best way to showcase the view of your surroundings. This is especially sensible if you have a lake, mountains, cityscape, a beautiful garden as a view, take this route. A good glass railing system could also serve as a wind breaker. Invisirail offers an easy-to-install glass railing which is recommended for a hassle-free installation. 

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Raise Your Garden

Elevate your garden to not only heighten your backyard but also overlay unsightly elements that you don’t like to show. Use paving stones or concrete blocks for a versatile, easy to design, low maintenance and sturdy garden bed.

Gardening stores have DIY versions of this, which you can finish in just a few hours. Just measure the garden bed, level the ground, take out weeds, buy the stones, pots and plants, set up your preferred design and add vegetation plants. 

Invest in a Mobile Fire Place

Your family and guests could enjoy a fire pit when the weather calls for it. It beautifies the entertaining area and is movable. Add a screen to protect members of the family, pets and guests for a worry-free day of spending time with loved ones. 

Grow Insect Repellent Plants

There are many insect repellent plants that can help to naturally keep the bugs away. One of the disadvantages of staying outdoors is the fact that flies and other insects could be hanging out with your guests, so plants like citronella, rosemary, basil, clove, garlic, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm and many others are good choices which could also be used in your home cooking.

Many of them are fragrant and that adds to your entertaining highlight that could be a good conversation piece. 

Throw in Some Color

Make your outdoor entertainment area more colorful by planting succulents that don’t require too much watering. They are interesting to see and are not usual in the homes.


Examples are agave attenuata, aeonium arboreum and aloe aborescens. If for any reason this is not your style, you can opt for the non-succulent plants that still save you on water bill such as red hot poker, leucadendron and protea. 

Gravel Up Your Ground

Add gravel to the ground to make for an alluring sight while covering low grass that you are unable to pull out in time for your guests’ arrival. An alternative to gravel is mulch which is best used in its natural version. 

Use Gutters to Add Some Privacy

You can add gutters or even glazed glass railings to your entertaining area even while staying outdoors. You can plant herbs and flowers in them to make it look fun and add to your garden’s flora and fauna. You can keep them in place by nailing them to the ground for a strong hold.

While it doesn’t completely fence off your area from possible gatecrashers, it delineates a sort of wall indicating the borders of your property and discreetly says “private” area or party.

Illuminate the Area

There are many outdoor lighting choices that you can use such as self-install light strands or garlands that are as fun as much as they are easy to wrap around railings, posts and poles in your backyard. This provides lighting in the walkway and sets the mood for each specific occasion.

deck lighting

If you could afford it, the permanent lighting fixtures are great for a stronger aesthetic and a more specified lighting based on your needs. You could choose colorful, vibrant selections or go for a themed hue to match the entire entertaining set up.

Final Thoughts

Enhancing your open-air entertaining area is not so hard as it sounds. With the plenty of DIY and easy-to-install option in the market, all you need is some window shopping time and a few extra hands to help build your new and improved backyard. You can even turn the renovation into quality time with the family for building and strengthening the ties.