The railings outside of your home speak much about your personality and preferences. They do not only provide aesthetics to a porch, deck or patio- they also add protection by creating a semi-wall or enclosure around a certain space that people could hold on to. It is sort of an extension of your living room except its outdoors.

Family and friends usually hang out in them making memorable experiences and chatting about what matters to them, that’s why it has become an important highlight in the western home. It differentiates a house from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood and sets a distinction for it.


Holidays and special occasions call for decorating, which can be done on the deck railings as well. Garlands, hangings, lights and other trinkets could be wrapped and swirled around them to complete the look of any occasion. It is a great place for families who like to work together on projects. It sets up a party area or an additional dining space when needed.

Metal, wood, vinyl, glass deck railings- these are just some of the materials railings could be made out of which we shall explore today.


With its strength and low-maintenance characteristic, metal is among the most long-standing deck railing material used in homes. As far back as the medieval times, metal railings were popular to the rich and famous. It gives a Victorian, Spanish or Mediterranean finish making it the preferred choice for the romantic couple that likes to hold dinners by the porch.

This kind comes in wrought iron, brass, stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum is best known for its lightness, durability and good price while stainless steel is probably the easiest to maintain. Wrought iron usage has spanned centuries due to its reliability while brass is the choice of the meticulous, albeit hard to maintain.


If you want to achieve a rustic feel, wood is the best way to go. Although it could be costly, the effect it brings to your home is priceless and is worth the investment. It comes in a variety of species and can be painted to the homeowners’ liking. Rot, insects and mold could deter the life of your wooden deck railing but with proper maintenance, it could last decades.

They come in Do-it-Yourself sets or can be made by hand. One important thing to watch out for is the blending of the wooden railing to the flooring- you wan both to match look good together.


Low-maintenance is the word to describe vinyl panels. Its ability to be laid out in interlaced patterns provides a certain level of privacy for those who prefer just that. They remain fresh-looking even with minimal cleaning and no painting.

The other type of plastic deck railing is composite which is more durable compared to vinyl. They can be washed with just soap and water for maintenance and turned into wood-looking material if you like.

Glass Railings

Beach houses usually have glass deck railings because the homeowners do not want their view to be blocked. This is the main use of glass deck railings, with its ability to let light pass through, it saves energy during the day. It gives a modern touch to any home and could be installed into separate thin panels letting air in if preferred.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what kind you choose and what you do with them, your home deck railings are meant to protect, accentuate and be adored. Given the choices and the short description of each one above, they all add to your home’s character no matter what you go for. Based on your needs and taste, your house will benefit from it, so it’s all about what completes the look that you want to achieve in your home.