Railings and fences are great for providing security, but they can also block an otherwise beautiful view. Glass railings are a great alternative. It is strong enough to withstand the wind and is transparent enough to allow for easy viewing.

The Beauty of Glass Railing Systems

Glass railing systems are durable on their own. They don’t need finishing to boost their durability, unlike hardwood materials. Glass railings are useful in outdoor areas like decks. This is because glass can withstand different weather conditions.

Glass railing systems consist of glass panels attached to metal frames. Both the frames and the glass panels are resistant to corrosion due to water.


The glass panel surface is strong enough to withstand extreme changes in temperature. Hardwood railings tend to contract or expand, depending on the weather conditions. In time, the railings become deformed or cracked. You will not run into issues like these if you use tempered glass railings.

Panels used for glass railing systems go through a slow process. This process involves tempering and expert crafting. The result is high-quality glass that offers toughness, durability and resilience.

It does not crack easy, and even in extreme cases where the glass cracks, it does not shatter. Since the chances of it shattering are low, glass railings are just as safe as wood or metal railings.

 Unobstructed View

One of the biggest issues people face with wood and metal railings is visibility problems. With glass railings, the outside view is visible. Also, manufacturers of glass railing systems package them in such a way that unpacking and installing them is a breeze.

Glass railings like Invisirail are not only great options for outdoor pools. You can also use them on front porches and staircases. Homeowners now prefer glass as it is more fashionable and affordable compared to other materials. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, it can also add a touch of elegance to any space.

Because of this, glass railing systems are popular both with homes and companies. Businesses are now installing glass railings on their premises because it costs less and is easier to maintain. This means even small, businesses can afford glass railings for their office view.

What are the costs with maintaining glass railings?

Glass railings are not only attractive and shiny, but it takes less effort to keep them looking this way. The installation part of the process is the hardest one. Once you succeed in mounting the glass panels, all they need is a little attention every now and then.

You don’t need to buy special items to clean glass railings. As long as you keep them clean from time to time, you won’t have extra expenses. You only need to spend money on them when they break or crack, which is a rare occurrence. Other than that, glass railing systems are the easiest to clean.

Maintenance Tips on Preserving your Glass Panels

While glass railings are low maintenance, it never hurts to know a tip or two when it comes to keeping them good as new. Lengthening the lifespan of your glass railing system starts during installation. When you botch the installation, it can affect the panel’s durability in the long run.

Choose the best and most durable glass panels in the market, like Invisirail. You might need to spend a bit more for better glass panels, but it will save you more money in the long term.

A low-quality glass rail is the cheaper choice, but it won’t last long. This means that you may need to buy new panels again. And that’s added expenses, right?. Long term, you will end up spending more money because of repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

Expert contractors will know the different between high quality and low-quality glass panels. Make sure to inform your contractor that you want scratch resistant ones.

Other Accessories

Aside from the glass panels, a glass railing system also consists of several accessories and parts. These contribute to the system’s sound structure. The metal bars and spigots hold the panels in place, so they need to be of high quality as well.


For the metal bits in your glass railing systems, choose aluminum as the material of choice, like Invisiposts. Aluminum resists oxidation quite well, meaning it doesn’t rust as easy and it stays shiny and sleek for quite some time. Aluminum is also easy to clean and maintain.

Final Thoughts

Experts say glass railing systems are great for people who are on a budget. It is also a great option for anyone who does not want to deal with a lot of maintenance work.

Everything boils down to proper installation. Preserving the natural look and durability of glass railings is easy if you choose the right materials. With correct installation, glass railing systems can go for a long time before they need a thorough inspection.

The opposite of this is also true. Choosing cheap materials and installing the panels the wrong way, will give you tons of problems in the future.