Glass railings are becoming more and more popular thanks to their wide variety of uses. Recently, they have also become popular for their use in pool areas. This is because stricter safety laws have been imposed on these areas. This is so drowning and other pool-related accidents are prevented.

Condominiums and apartment complexes also make use of glass railings. People can see the views from these high-rise buildings better through glass railings.

People that live in a rainy climate have a particularly hard time with their glass railings. Those who live in this kind of climate can see water spots and dust streaks on the otherwise clear glass.

Cleaning glass railings may seem like a bit of a challenge at first, but in reality it is easy.

The Types of Glass Railings

The most common type of glass railings consists of panels of sheet glass held together by one of two things. Those are either base shoes or small stainless steel brackets that are invisible to the naked eye. The most popular of this kind is Invisirail, paired with Invisiposts. The stainless steel brackets leave small openings on  the sides where the edges of the glass are connected to the posts.


To give people the best view possible, most glass railings do not have a balustrade.  The glass blocks used in glass railings are about 12 by 12 inches. Glass railings use many panels to reach a thickness of 4 to 6 inches.

Glass railings can be clear but they can also have designs and patterns. This all depends on whether a person wants light or privacy.

Cleaning Glass Railings

It is quite easy to clean glass railings. The first thing one needs to do is make a cleaning solution. A simple cleaning solution can be made by diluting 3 to 4 squirts of liquid soap in 1 quart of water.

Cleaning the glass railings requires applying the cleaning solution to a clean sponge. The next step is washing the glass railings using the sponge and cleaning solution. This should remove the water spots and dust streaks on them.

This method is also effective in removing other forms of debris from glass railings. Grease from outdoor cooking and bird droppings are removable by using this method. This is one of the most popular and effective methods used in cleaning glass railings.

After cleaning the glass railing, rinse it off with warm water. Let it dry and remove any remaining dirt using a clean, lint-free cloth. Make sure that the cloth is clean to avoid having to do more cleaning.

Another popular method for cleaning glass railings is using vinegar. Use undiluted white vinegar for dust and dirt that have been on the glass railings for a prolonged amount of time.  Add the vinegar to a few cups of warm water to make it milder.

The vinegar or vinegar solution should be applied using a nonabrasive plastic scrubber. Use warm water to rinse off the vinegar from the glass railing. Afterwards, leave the glass railing to air dry.

As the time-old platitude goes, “Prevention is the best cure.” This saying can also apply to glass railings. Immediately clean rainwater away from glass railings using a shower squeegee as soon as the rain is over.

This method will not completely remove the need for regular cleaning, but it will help lessen the frequency of it. Using clean shop cloths and old tee shirts to wipe down glass railings after rain has also been proven to be effective.

Another trick is using lemon oil to coat the glass railings. This will help keep water spots from forming on the surface of the glass. This reduces the time between the cleanings of the glass railings.

Brackets and Supports

It is also important to examine the brackets and support structures on glass railings. This should be done about once a month to make sure they are not coming loose or corroding.



Most brackets on glass railings are aluminum. This prevents the formation of rust, but aluminum brackets can loosen over time.

Glass railings that have been set into wood are a special case. These kinds of glass railings need to have their footings checked on a regular basis. Doing so makes sure that the wood around the glass railings isn’t rotting or worse, housing termites or mold.

Checking can be done quite easily, but it is still better to have an expert do the checking for you. Checking these kinds of glass panels requires only a visual inspection and gently wiggling the panels.

Final Thoughts

These simple checking methods can help tell whether one needs to call the installation company to make repairs. The glass blocks in the railings are usually held together by a special kind of mortar. It is important to check this to make sure it is not crumbling or corroding.

Professionals should repair glass railings that have cracks, chips, or breaks in them. Professionals should handle repair cases especially if the glass railings are in high places.

Before it was a difficult and stressful experience to clean glass railings. But with these tips, a person can now clean glass railings with ease.