While we often think of decks as a safety feature at home, some contractors think that it is actually more than that. Architects nowadays are considering it as an added feature to make a home more beautiful. In short, it adds some character and style to a simple deck.

Do You Need It?

A lot of homes have a deck but is it necessary to have a railing? Yes and No. If your deck is low and is about 30 inches from the ground, then it is not that necessary. The building code in your area can help you decide so do not forget to check.

Who will use your deck? How often will people stay in it? What do I want to use it for?

These are some of the questions that are important in deciding whether you need a railing or not. If you have small children, having a railing is almost necessary. If a child falls off the deck, they can be seriously injured.


If you don’t plan to use the deck often, meaning if you are more likely to stay indoors than outdoors, then you can go without a railing. Decks are popular spots when it comes to entertaining guests. A beautiful railing can add to a nicer feel when entertaining visitors at home.

Types of Railing

There are several types of railing and each of them has their own set of advantages.

Wood Railing

Wood is the most common type of railing because it is also the most inexpensive. It is easy to work with and your contractor can give you an option to mix and match different pieces to suit your liking. It gives a classic look to your deck especially if your deck is also wooden. The only downside to this type of railing is that it does need regular maintenance compared to other types. It needs to be cleaned often and repainted in order to continuously look good.

Capped Composite Railing

Capped composite is on the mid-range when it comes to price. Compared to wood, it needs very little maintenance because it remains looking clean and fresh for a long time. There are a lot of reputable brands that offer this, TimberTech being one of the most popular among contractors because of the hidden fasteners that it comes with. Just like wooden railing, you can also mix and match pieces.

Metal Railing

One of the advantages of having a metal railing is that it is thin enough that your view is not blocked. Your railing can be made of different metal types such as aluminum, iron or steel. A railing made of metal is also very sturdy and can withstand strong elements.

Glass Railing

If you are living in a place where there is a lot of wind, then tempered glass is the best choice for railing. One would easily assume that it would break or shatter, it’s actually the opposite. This is one of the pricier options for railing but it’s worth the money. Having a glass railing like Invisirail will let you see through the outside so you can enjoy the view all the time. There is also no chance for any little children to get stuck on the railing.

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Should you do it?

Whatever your choice is, remember that investing on a railing will help with your family’s safety. A deck without a railing can feel a bit unsecure. Even if you have a low deck, it will still be a pain if you fall over. As an added bonus, a deck railing will instantly adds style and character to your home.