InvisiRail for your interior space

Using glass railing inside of your home is a safe and sturdy barrier option that doesn’t sacrifice modern sensibilities, and can be a major part of your home’s overall look and style! Thanks to a variety of mounting and railing options, these glass systems can be easily customized to fulfill the structural needs of your home while catering to your personal taste. 

For a railing system that achieves the most open-concept feel, our no top rail system is the way to go. By using minimal railing hardware and spigots, this railing system leaves you with an less visual obstructions for a modern, clean look that will make your staircase an eye-catching focal point.

In addition to glass railing, the InvisiRail’s in-house glass shop can cut, temper, laminate and heat-soak glass for a variety of products, including shower glass, custom doors, tables and partitions. Customizing glass panels with a frosted finish or even a coloured tint can be a fun way to add a unique design element to your home.

The choice is clear…or etched, or frosted! If you can dream it, InvisiRail can make it

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