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General Product Info

Our glass is engineered and tested to exceed stringent building code requirements. With over 20 standard widths in stock, we can accommodate any deck dimension and your railing can be shipped immediately. Our large volume purchasing means cost savings for our customers. It is unlikely that customers can get equivalent safety glass made locally for the price of our panels.

Our tempered glass panels are extremely durable. They’ve been tested to withstand extreme loads (including wind). To find information regarding what kinds of loads the rail can withstand, please review our engineering/testing information that can be found here. Please ensure the documentation is applicable to your region.

Our glass panels shed water very easily which keeps them clean. You typically shouldn’t need to clean them any more often than the windows of your house.

Our warranty info can be found here.

Although using our railing system will result in less airflow in comparison to other railing systems (i.e. cable or aluminum pickets), most customers with InvisiRail™ do not complain about a lack of airflow since wind travels in many directions across/around your railing which will keep your deck cool.

Before ordering you should always ensure that our engineering/testing documentation will satisfy your local building inspector(s). Our documentation can be found here.

First off, you should ensure that any custom materials will still allow your railing to pass local building code inspection. While custom materials can be ordered, not all dealers may be willing to sell custom materials due to them lacking the appropriate building code compliance. Please speak with a local dealer regarding what you are interested in ordering.

Many customers have InvisiRail™ installed as an interior railing, pictures can be found here. Always be sure that your railing will pass local building code inspection.

We sell to various dealers across Canada and the United States, see our dealer locator. We also sell to various online dealers who can ship orders across the world.


When measuring your deck, be sure to provide the exterior framing measurements of your deck (i.e. outside rim joist(s)). If fascia mount posts are being used, please provide the overall outside measurements of your deck (the deck fascia where the posts will be installed).

Along with deck measurements (see previous), you should indicate what posts you’d like to use (see options here).

Along with having several different post options at various price levels, your InvisiRail™ glass railing can be integrated with aluminum railing systems such as Deckorators ALX Classic or Contemporary.

This depends on what is on your order, please speak to your dealer. Most standard materials are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Materials that are custom or back ordered will have extended lead times.


It is recommending that you have at least one other person to assist you with installation, since moving our glass panels (which can weigh up to 100 lbs each) on your own may be difficult.

Our installation manual can be found here.
If you have some experience installing decks and/or railings and are comfortable with tools you should have no problem installing InvisiRail™.

Be sure that when receiving an order you go through all the packaging that has been included with the glass crate. Often times several different parts will be packaged together to minimize packaging.

Check the packing slip attached with the order to see if any items are backordered.
Contact the dealer you’ve purchased from to see if there is any other info available regarding missing items.

Please review the installation manual and other documents sent with the order. If you still have questions regarding your installation you can contact your dealer and/or us at 1-888-681-9733. Please provide any order info you may have (i.e. estimate/sales order number, dealer name, order date, etc.). The more info that can be provided, the quicker we may be able to assist you.

As soon as damage has been discovered, please contact your dealer and/or whoever has delivered the materials. Take pictures of the damage and send to your dealer.


While you may see dew on your glass in the morning, once the sunshine hits the panels the dew should easily shed off the glass. There are several products available that can be applied to glass to repel water (i.e. hydrophobic coatings, sprays, films). Always ensure that said products are suitable for application on tempered glass panels.

Typically to become a dealer you need to have the following:

  • Retail showroom
  • Loading dock to receive shipments (i.e. large, heavy crates, skids)

If you think you are eligible to become a dealer, send an email to sales@invisirail.com with your information.

Our glass crates typically have a footprint of 48” x 72” and may weigh several thousand pounds depending on the size of the order. A pickup truck able to accept the size and weight of the crate would be suitable.

Still have questions?

Visit our contact page or send us an email at sales@invisirail.com