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Stay Safe with InvisiShield

Although it’s hard to admit, winter is coming and so is the need to be inside more often than not. The safety of both employees and the general public will be returning to the forefront of all of our minds over the next few months, and InvisiRail is here to make safety a top priority.

Made with our innovative glass railing products, Invisi-Shield is a safe and efficient way for businesses and office spaces to create barriers between people, workspaces and desks. Although plexiglass is also a popular material used to create barriers, plexiglass is porous, meaning it will absorb germs, allergens and moisture from the air — making it impossible to completely clean. However, by using a real glass barrier like Invisi-Shield, you can ensure a deep clean surface that will put your mind at ease.

Invisi-Shield is able to create a safe barrier in order to block germs from spreading, which is crucial to keep both employees and customers safe, now more than ever. Contact InvisiRail at to learn more about getting your place of work equipped with Invisi-Shield.

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