InvisiRail Glass Railing system

Tempered Glass or Plexiglass?

If you’re in the market for a new deck railing system, you may find through hours of research that there are many different products out there all claiming to be superior in some regard. You’ve probably wondered, what’s different about tempered glass compared to plexiglass? Is it safer?

To start, tempered glass and plexiglass have some significant differences. 

Regular glass is tempered and made by heating sand and other materials at high temperatures. Plexiglass on the other hand is made up of acrylic polymers. Because plexiglass is made using acrylic polymers, it has a relatively low melting point which cannot withstand high temperatures making it more prone to scratches. But this also makes it lighter and more impact-resistant compared to normal glass. So plexiglass does have some benefits and in many cases provides a safe, durable solution, it just depends on the situation. When it comes to outdoor use, safety and heights, tempered glass is your safest option. 

InvisiRail ™ glass railing systems are made from the highest quality glass and is a leading producer of glass railing systems in North America. All InvisiRail™ glass is tempered, heat soaked, and beveled. The glass is 10mm thick, providing not only durability but strength. This is why tempered glass is used in such a huge variety of everyday items and applications!

To learn more about InvisiRail ™ and other products offered, head to our website or speak with one of our InvisiRail ™ or Liv Building Products representatives. Did you know that InvisiRail has a custom glass shop that can cut, temper, laminate and heat-soak glass for a variety of custom applications? Contact InvisiRail ™ today to find out more!

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