Turning Your Outdoor Space into a Winter Wonderland

Door of wooden house decorated with festive lights and Chrismas wreath. Holiday house decoration.

Turning Your Outdoor Space into a Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is fast approaching and choosing the right decorations for your home’s exterior may feel like a daunting task! Are you looking for something simple, classic and elegant or is the Griswold’s house more your speed? No matter your ambitions, here’s some holiday decorating ideas to help get you started!


There’s no arguing that inflatable decorations have taken the holiday scene by storm these past few years – it seems like everyone has them! From Santa and snowmen to festive characters from classic movies, these larger-than-life additions can instantly transform your lawn. Remember, a few well-placed inflatables can make a big impact!


A true classic and certainly the most effective way to make your home stand out during the holidays is with string lighting. This can be extensively strung up or simple and elegant like lighting a welcoming entrance way to your home. Helpful tips: consider upgrading your lighting system for LEDs which last much longer or investing in a timer never hurts! Remember, always be safe when climbing those ladders!


There’s so many fantastic ways to get creative with your decorating! With social media, people have accounts specifically dedicated to DIY projects. These are great guides to make your DIY dreams come true and to be the place that stands out in your neighborhood! Some helpful places to start are with painted plywood cutouts of some of your favourite holiday characters or create a scene to make people laugh! Try something new, you never know what you’ll come up with! There’s always creative people around at the holidays – you can support locally and buy homemade decorations too!

Seasonal Planters, Wreaths and Garlands

A more simple type of DIY are seasonal planters – fill large pots with evergreen branches, pinecones, and red berries for a classic winter look. You can also add twinkling lights to make your planters truly stand out. Using wreaths and garlands in your entrance adds a grand element to your home and your guests will love them! If you have large windows or a glass railing system, garland and boughs can be a great accent.

With the right decorations, you can turn the outside of your home into a magical winter wonderland. No matter your preferences, the key is to have fun and let your creativity shine. So, make some hot chocolate, enlist the help of friends and family, and get ready to create lasting memories with your beautifully decorated outdoor space this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!