Advantage of Glass Railing

The many advantages of using glass railing in your outdoor space

If upgrading your deck railing to glass is on your 2022 to-do list, you’ve come to the right place! InvisiRail’s industry-leading glass railing systems will breathe new life into your outdoor space in a variety of ways. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of switching to a glass railing on your deck.

With their sleek, clean look, glass railings are just about as modern and contemporary as you can get. Glass railings add a sense of luxury and style that can instantly transform the space, a relatively simple makeover that is worth its weight in gold.

If your deck or patio overlooks a postcard-worthy view, then installing glass railings is the way to go. By using tempered glass, the InvisiRail™ glass railing system is designed to maximize visibility without sacrificing strength or durability. Enjoy that million-dollar view!

Concerned about losing privacy? InvisiRail™ glass panels can be ordered with etched, frosted or tinted glass to maximize privacy without sacrificing style. You can also rest assured that InvisiRail™ glass panels are a durable option for your outdoor space, even those with 4 seasons and extreme weather. All 10mm InvisiRail™ glass panels are tempered, heat soaked, and bevelled to ensure durability, and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty! 

Have we convinced you to make the switch to glass railing? Visit our Find A Dealer page to get started with InvisiRail™ today!

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