Winter Space

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space in Winter

When the cold months roll around, you might be tempted to go into hibernation mode — but that doesn’t mean your backyard or patio has to hibernate, too! Here are a few tips to help you embrace the cold and make the most of your backyard throughout the winter.

Cozy up by the fire
Staying warm in frigid temperatures is important, so installing a fire pit is a great option. Set up a few outdoor chairs, make a cup of hot cocoa or roast some hotdogs to enjoy by the fire.

Take cover
A covered gazebo or pergola is worth the investment. It offers shelter from the elements, creates an inviting outdoor space and is a dreamy place to watch the snow slowly fall. Add a heat lamp for some added warmth.

Lighten up
With less daylight in the winter months comes the need for more lighting once 5pm hits. Brighten up your barren gardens with solar-powered lanterns or hang neutral-coloured string lights to keep things bright and cheery even after the holidays pass!

Winter might not be everybody’s favourite time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit indoors and avoid the snow. Embrace the cold, get fresh air and make memories in your winter-friendly outdoor space!

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