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5 Creative Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

Now is the time to start getting your backyard space ready to enjoy all summer long! With the anticipation of spending more time outdoors, you may want to consider adding a bit more privacy to provide more cover from passersby. Keep reading to find 5 different ways you can add privacy to your outdoor space.

Gazebos and Pergolas

If you’re looking for almost complete privacy in your backyard, a gazebo or pergola is a great option. Gazebos and pergolas can be screened-in to keep out bugs, provide shelter from less-than-favourable weather conditions, and are perfect for outdoor dining. The best part is that they come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your backyard, and are often quite affordable.

Privacy screens

Privacy screens, like these ones from Blue Sky Outdoor Living, come in a variety of colours, patterns and heights that can be tailored to your style without completely closing off your outdoor space. 

Hang drapery

Hanging up bright, flowy outdoor drapery will add a sense of luxury to your covered porch. A few opaque panel curtains will block your view of neighbours, allow for airflow and further establish a comfortable outdoor environment you won’t want to leave!

Garden walls 

Spicing up your backyard space with a garden wall is the best of both worlds – they’re pretty and do a great job of creating privacy. Consider incorporating low-maintenance outdoor plants onto a trellis wall such as climbing ivy, clematis, hanging baskets, ferns or even a vertical veggie garden with herbs and salad greens.

Ornamental Grasses and Hedges

A little bit of gardening can go a long way. Evergreen hedges, boxwoods and ornamental grasses and shrubs will last for years and will provide year-round privacy.

If you’re looking for more privacy while lounging around in your backyard or enjoying your morning coffee on your front porch, you can tackle these DIY-friendly projects in a single weekend, leaving you with more time to enjoy your newly secluded outdoor space!

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