Summer Family Activities

Summer family night ideas

Setting aside one night each week for a family night this summer is an easy and fun way to bring your family closer together. Below are a few fun activities that will get you outside making memories that will last a lifetime!

Glow in the dark lawn bowling

Recycling can be fun! Save up your old plastic water bottles and fill each with different colored glow sticks and use a soccer ball for glow in the dark bowling night. Easy, cheap and entertaining!

Movie night

All you need for a fun outdoor movie night is a white sheet and a projector (or you can bring out the tv!) Set up pillows, blankets, and chairs around the backyard, pick a movie and get the snacks ready and enjoy a movie night under the stars.

Backyard camping

Don’t have time for a weekend camping trip? A camping staycation in the backyard can fulfill your need for a night in the great outdoors! Set up a tent, gather around a campfire, make s’mores and enjoy the nighttime air.


Speaking of camping, a night around the campfire is a quintessential summertime activity you can do anywhere – no camping required. Roast hot dogs, toast the perfect marshmallow and make some ooey-gooey s’mores while trading stories around the fire.

Sunset bike rides

A sunset bike ride to the icecream parlor after dinner, to the local park for pre-bed time playtime, riding to the nearest lake or pond to watch the sunset over the water or simply taking a ride around the neighbourhood is a great way to finish a fun-filled summer day.

The best summer entertainment can be found outside! Get together with the fam for some fun activities after dark.

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