Looking at the Evolution of the Rail

old deck

A balcony is an integral part of a building’s façade so its design is crucial to the property’s architecture. Over the years, balcony styles have evolved to reflect changes in structural design, construction and building materials. We all remember the simple wrought iron ornate railing from the 60’s. This railing was typically welded together and drilled into a concrete base.


We then moved from wrought iron to the very popular wooden picket system. This was a far less cheaper option and builders installed this because it was easy and cost effective.

Moving on to the lattice look another inexpensive look that is still popular today. Lattice keeps the critters out and can serve as a privacy wall.


Let’s face it we’ve come a long way. Glass railing systems, whether you add a top rail or no top rail will give you a cleaner more desired look. Frame less glass balustrades uses laminated glass for added strength. If using a post, the InvisiPost is the most low profile, sleek post on the market today and I must mention that it does not compromise durability and strength with this design. That’s what makes it so impressive!

InvisiRail™ glass railing has polished edges, it’s tempered and heat soaked. This provides strength and durability. Glass is a great modern alternative to wrought iron, wood or lattice because it allows for clear views and when the sun bounces off the polished glass provides a clear beautiful clean look.

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