Decorating Your Cottage Getaway

When it comes to creating an inviting and stylish outdoor space, your glass deck offers a unique opportunity to merge the beauty of nature with modern design. Not only does your InvisiRail™ glass railing provide open views of your surroundings but also serves as a blank canvas for creative decor ideas. No matter your style or preferences, there are numerous ways to transform your cottage into the getaway of your dreams!

Light the way

It’s very important to select the right lighting when transforming any space. Soft and warm outdoor lighting options are more inviting than cooler, purpose built lighting. Try incorporating some string lights or lanterns! This helps create a sense of ambiance during the evenings. This lighting can also be used on a guided path up from your dock or to light the way to the carport. An absolute must is always an outdoor fire pit or chiminea for warmth and comfort. 

Comfy & Cozy

Perhaps your style revolves around being comfortable above all. When it comes to outdoor seating, comfort is very important! If you’ve gone comfort over style with your deck furnishings, you can always dress it up with some comfy pillows and throws! Make sure you consider water resistant materials for your outdoor furniture too.

Plant Life

It might be odd to be considering adding more plants to your space when you’re already fully immersed in nature, but selecting the right plants for the space can help level up your look whilst providing cover or a burst of colour. Consider adding potted plants, hanging planters with flowers, or even a small garden with herbs and vegetables. Choose plants that thrive in your climate and require minimal maintenance if you aren’t going to be there all the time. 

Less is more

Try taking a minimalist approach! Select a few key pieces that blend seamlessly with the great outdoors. Using sleek and simple furniture and using neutral tones or natural materials like wood or stone help to create a strong connection between the deck and its surroundings. 


Lastly, consider adding to your space by selecting outdoor rugs and patio cushions that match your style. Perhaps try supporting a local artist and have them commission a sculpture! The addition of art is always a focal point for aesthetics and conversation!

Your cottage deck is a unique canvas, make it your own! 

Let InvisiRail™ help you transform your deck, balcony, or patio into your own oasis! For more information, check us out online or by contacting any InvisiRail™  or Liv Building Products representative.

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