InvisiRail glass stairway

Customizing Glass with InvisiRail™

Deciding on the right look for your new deck or railing can be a difficult one to make. Fortunately, InvisiRail™ has several great options to choose from when customizing your look. When approaching your new space, whether indoors or out, it helps to consider the following: look, function, frame, and transparency.


The look of your new glass railing should factor in the appearance of your home and function accordingly to maximize the potential of your space. If you decide to go frameless you may then want to consider the transparency. Do you prefer clear, etched or frosted glass? How will this affect your space? 


In addition to a variety of glass railing options, InvisiRail™ also offers several different railing options to help accentuate your new glass railings. Like aluminum handrails for stairs, toprails for an added sense of security or different mounting options, like spigots or stand-offs. These options also come in a variety of colours, to either minimize visual impact or enhance it. If you’re having trouble deciding which railing options are right for you and your family, read more here Helping you decide on railing options where we ask several questions to help you during the decision process.


Do you have a special project that differs from the norm? InvisRail™ also offers custom glass products that can be cut to any shape for any number of applications!

To find more information, check us out online or by contacting any InvisiRailor Liv Building Products representative.

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