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Fall Tips: Preparing Your Garden

When it comes to creating an inviting and stylish outdoor space, your glass deck offers a unique opportunity to merge the beauty of nature with modern design. Not only does your InvisiRail™ glass railing provide open views of your surroundings but also serves as a blank canvas for creative decor ideas. No matter your style or preferences, there are numerous ways to transform your cottage into the getaway of your dreams!
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Decorating Your Cottage Getaway

When it comes to creating an inviting and stylish outdoor space, your glass deck offers a unique opportunity to merge the beauty of nature with modern design. Not only does your InvisiRail™ glass railing provide open views of your surroundings but also serves as a blank canvas for creative decor ideas. No matter your style or preferences, there are numerous ways to transform your cottage into the getaway of your dreams!
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Invisirail Glass Railing Deck

Get Inspired with InvisiRail™

Inspiration doesn’t always come easy. Combining the charm of a lakefront cottage with nature is hardly seamless, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible! Have a look at this recently completed deck and railing system! We hope that it inspires you, giving you something to think about when it comes to your own slice of paradise!
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Embrace Summer with InvisiRail

Embrace Summer with Safety, Elegance & InvisiRail™

The days are long and the weather is perfect! Summer is all about spending quality time outdoors, relaxing and spending time with family and friends. So now’s the perfect time to revamp your outdoor spaces, and one essential element that can transform your deck, balcony, or patio is a stunning glass railing system from InvisiRail™.
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stainless steel posts & connectors

Tempered Glass or Plexiglass?

If you’re in the market for a new deck railing system, you may find through hours of research that there are many different products out there all claiming to be superior in some regard. You’ve probably wondered, what’s different about tempered glass compared to plexiglass? Is it safer?
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White Muskoka home with InvisiRail

Find A Dealer

Did you know InvisiRail™ is sold through building centres and retailers across Canada and the USA? The find a dealer page is a great way to find and contact the InvisiRail ™ dealer closest to you!
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cleaning wooden terrace planks with high pressure washer

Getting ready for spring with InvisiRail ™

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to start thinking about getting your deck ready for some quality time spent outdoors! Here are some helpful tips to ensure you’re maximizing your deck's potential whilst maintaining your investment!
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InvisiRail glass stairway

Customizing Glass with InvisiRail™

Deciding on the right look for your new deck or railing can be a difficult one to make. Fortunately, InvisiRail™ has several great options to choose from when customizing your look. When approaching your new space, whether indoors or out, it helps to consider the following: look, function, frame, and transparency.
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InvisiRail glass stairway with floating steps

3 ways you can transform your home with Invisirail

Spending more time indoors during the winter months may get your creative juices flowing! If you want to tackle a home project in the new year take note of these 3 ways you can elevate your home with InvisiRail.
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Interior Glass Railing System

What’s the difference between regular glass and tempered glass?

You’ve probably heard that tempered glass is stronger than “regular” glass – but what does that even mean anyways? We’re here to explain! First off, what is glass even made of?
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How to prep your home for winter

By the time Old Man Winter arrives for the season, your home should be ready for whatever he has up his sleeve — the last thing you want to deal with on a freezing, snowy day is a clogged chimney, burst pipe or a drafty window! This winter maintenance checklist will help to prevent any damage to your home this winter.
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Choosing the right railing

Choosing the right railings for winter

It’s no secret that winter is messy! Ice, snow, and salt wreak havoc on your deck and railing system all season long. De-icing salt can cause corrosion and rust in metal railings, water can seep into wooden railings and freeze then expand to cause major damage throughout the winter. With all of this chance for major damage, it’s important to choose the right railing materials when you first build your deck.
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Muskoka chairs on a wooden dock

Invisirail Fall Cottage Life Show

If you’re already planning the next projects you’ll be tackling at the cottage once spring rolls around, the ever-popular Fall Cottage Life show is for you! From November 11th to 13th, the International Centre in Mississauga will be bursting with the latest outdoor living trends and all of the inspiration you’ll need for revitalizing your outdoor living space in 2023.
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Stay safe with InvisiShield

Stay Safe with Invisi-Shield

Although it’s hard to admit, winter is coming and so is the need to be inside more often than not. The safety of both employees and the general public will be returning to the forefront of all of our minds over the next few months, and InvisiRail is here to make safety a top priority.
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invsisrail glass railings in house

How to Request An InvisiRail Quote

As summer begins to wind down and fall starts to roll in, it’s the perfect time to start planning your new and improved deck. If you’re ready to part with cheap, obtrusive rails and get the sleek and modern look you’ve always wanted, InvisiRail is the system for you.
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Zamioculcas home plant in a straw pot on a windowsill. Comfort. The decor of the room. The concept of home gardening. Zamioculcas potted on the windowsill of the house. Scandinavian. place for text

Make Your Cottage A Cozy Getaway

Choosing the right furniture, fixtures, paint colours and finishes can go a long way when it comes to creating the cozy cottage of your dreams. Curating the perfect cozy cottage is all about showcasing your cottage’s original features, mixing in an eclectic blend of handmade or antique wooden furniture and bringing in the colours and textures of the great outdoors.
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Glass Railing System on deck with patio chairs and table

How to Install InvisiRail Glass Railings

Innovative and modern, InvisiRail glass railing systems are designed to maximize visibility through your railing without sacrificing strength or durability.
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Inside Rail InvisiRail

InvisiRail for your interior space

Using glass railing inside of your home is a safe and sturdy barrier option that doesn’t sacrifice modern sensibilities, and can be a major part of your home’s overall look and style! Thanks to a variety of mounting and railing options, these glass systems can be easily customized to fulfill the structural needs of your home while catering to your personal taste.
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Summer Family Activities

Summer family night ideas

Setting aside one night each week for a family night this summer is an easy and fun way to bring your family closer together. Below are a few fun activities that will get you outside making memories that will last a lifetime!
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privacy frosted railing

Cleaning Your Glass Railing

The #1 reason customers choose to install a glass railing in their outdoor space is to ensure that their views remain uninterrupted. With this in mind, it’s important to take proper care of your glass railing by keeping it clean. Luckily, InvisiRail glass railings are low maintenance and easy to care for! The frequency of cleaning an outdoor railing is usually about the same as the windows of your house.
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Blue Sky Privacy Outdoors

5 Creative Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

Now is the time to start getting your backyard space ready to enjoy all summer long! With the anticipation of spending more time outdoors, you may want to consider adding a bit more privacy to provide more cover from passersby. Keep reading to find 5 different ways you can add privacy to your outdoor space.
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Diamon Fusion Shower

Diamon-Fusion Protective Glass Coating

Like any other material that is regularly exposed to the elements and general wear and tear, untreated glass products may start to lose their lustre over time — that’s where Diamon-Fusion makes all the difference.
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Advantage of Glass Railing

The many advantages of using glass railing in your outdoor space

If upgrading your deck railing to glass is on your 2022 to-do list, you’ve come to the right place! InvisiRail’s industry-leading glass railing systems will breathe new life into your outdoor space in a variety of ways. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of switching to a glass railing on your deck.
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Little boy and his father taking selfie on background of snowman in snowy park. Active outdoors leisure with children in winter.

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space in Winter

If your 2022 resolution is to spend more time enjoying and beautifying your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 30 seasonal activities or projects to add to your 2022 backyard bucket list
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InvisiRail Glass railing indoors

6 Reasons to Love InvisiRail™

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while we certainly enjoy the abundance of chocolate and flowers this season, it’s InvisiRail™ that captures our hearts all year long! When it comes to maximizing visibility in your space, InvisiRail™ is clearly the best choice.
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invisiRail railing system

Helping You Decide on Railing Options

When it comes to railings, there are so many options. With a surplus of choices, it’s easy to get confused in the decision process. Railing options also depend on approved building codes and your area. It is important to do your research on which railings are engineer approved, in order to properly choose a railing that will ensure your safety.
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White clean bathroom

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors

Are you looking to update your bathroom? Glass shower doors are the perfect place to start. Glass shower doors provide a sleek and modern design, and can make any small bathroom feel open, brighter and larger. Glass shower doors offer so many benefits to make your bathroom modern, clean, and luxurious.
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Diamon-Fusion for Glass Railings

InvisiRail will now be offering advanced protection for all glass railings using Diamon-Fusion protection technology. Overtime, glass railings become exposed to natural elements and environmental pollutants, which may cause damage to your glass railing. Diamon-Fusion glass protectant will ensure your glass railing looks, (and stays!) as good as new. Diamon-Fusion protectant chemically bonds to your glass railing, which creates an ultra-thin protective layer that stops corrosion and staining. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of using Diamon-Fusion glass protectant.
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Hand / Top Rail

Glass Aesthetic, Protection and More

Glass Shower doors are an effective way to revitalize and update your bathroom space. Compared to a typical shower curtain, glass doors can expand your space and give your shower a modern and sheek design.
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Dealer Spotlight – Beaver Homes & Cottages

Highlighting some of the great work done by our friends at Beaver Homes & Cottages!
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